Music I’m Currently Listening To (Bring Me The Horizon, TOP, Taylor Swift + More!)

Hey, lovelies!

So obviously if you’ve watched my videos or have stumbled onto my blog before, you’d know that I am in love with and super passionate about all things fashion. It’s something that allows you to transform into who you want to be on a daily basis and can make you feel powerful, confident and happy…but that’s not all I am passionate about.

I’m 23, almost 24, and most people my age go out on weekends and blow their paychecks going out to bars and clubs – I have to be honest, that isn’t for me. What I do love though is music, and going to shows to watch some of my favourite bands and artists live. Just like fashion, music can make you feel some many things – it can cheer you up when you need cheering up, it can be there when you just need a good cry, and it’s great for when you just want to dance around and have fun. This is why I love music because no matter how you feel there’s always something out there for you to listen to, and no matter what time of day – music is always there if you need it.

My music taste is really all over the place, which is honestly what made me want to make this video and blog post in the first place, I wanted to give you guys a glimpse of what I’ve been listening to recently, and hopefully introduce you to a new genre or new band/artist. I honestly listen to everything from pop to alternative, metal to pop-punk, hardcore to well pretty much everything else under the sun!

I hope you guys enjoy this video and get to know me a bit better! If you have a favourite artist or band that you think I should listen to – then please leave me a comment down below!

Songs Mentioned In My Video:

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