Happy New Year loves!  I hope your year has started off the way you hoped it would, and if not well there’s still a whole lot of 2019 left!  Normally at this time of year people are making lists of New Year’s resolutions, because, “new year, new you” right?  I decided not to make any this year because let’s face it – I would have probably forgotten them by now just like everyone else has.  I have however decided to make a few goals for myself that I can achieve throughout the year, and to get things started I thought I would tick off one that I was really excited about – making videos again!

I used to post videos every week when I was about 19 years old, and looking back on them now, boy were they ever embarrassing!  But there is something about filming videos that I truly missed, and I think that was just sitting down and talking to the camera about things I loved or things that were on my mind.  What I really loved though was getting to share them with people who have similar interests to me, because I am very much so an odd duck here in Vancouver and if I’m honest, I don’t have many people to talk to about these things…which is why the videos are coming back (YAY!)!

So to start off the New Year I thought why not just sit down and talk about the things that I loved in 2018 because there was a whole lot!

If you are interested in any of the things I talked about in my video, here are some links for each product or song to check out:




I’ll see you guys soon until then, take care of yourselves

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